Illustration of Subject-6708 with it's teeth extended
Special Containment Procedures:

Subject-6708 is not contained (read addendum-6708-1),  however it is monitored in it's environment as much as possible. Even though it is not contained, there is still a containment chamber present in one of the sites on 6478B. Subject-6708 is allowed to go back to its containment chamber at anytime.


Subject-6708 is an anomalous reptile (1.5m in hight) that lives on 6478B, with glowing eyes and long sharp teeth which are able to retract back into it's jaw when the mouth is closed or not in "attack mode". Subject-6708 has been reported to "bleed" from it's teeth when they are extended. The blood like substance has been reported to glow in dark environments making it unlikely it was blood from its pray.


Subject-6708 is not contained most of the time due to multiple containment breaches occurring when in containment. Due to the containment breaches, a facility was built near Subject-6708 habitat. Subject-6708 is allowed access at any time. When Subject-6708 is outside of the facility, it has to be monitored if it is near the facility.

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