Object Class: E̶u̶c̶l̶i̶d̶  Keter

Subject-921, also known as The Creator is an entity that looks somewhat like a human, but has green fire surrounding it, and red eyes. Subject-921 is to be kept in a containment cell, 12 (Feet) by 13 (Feet) by 15 (Feet). Subject 921 has the ability to morph into anything it would like.

It is able to morph into other subjects and gain there powers. Whenever a loud noise is played, (See incident at site-REDACTED) subject 921 will go to where or who is making the sound, and proceed to turn it off (If it is made by a living thing, subject-921 will proceed to attack it until it stops making noise.)

Subject-921 is capable of coming back alive, even if wiped out of existence with it's powers, it is not allowed anywhere near any type of large reptile at any time, due to the fact that it may start commanding the reptile, (Including scp-682).

Subject-921 likes the song "Sing Sing Sing" by Benny Goodman. Subject-921 will sometimes summon Subject-921-2 if it is too big of a deal.

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