Special containment procedures Edit

9696-1, -2, -109, alpha-1, and alpha-2 are to be locked in a steel cage, no personnel are allowed to go near it unless they have level 4 approval, no people are allowed to go near it, android task force 13 (snake handlers) are designed to recontain them

Revision 1 Edit

9696 are to be kept in a gold-steel-brass alloy containers, they are to be fed every day, all eggs layed are to be inspected and tooken care of, they are overpretective and are still friendly, but more friendly like cats instead of dogs before

Description Edit

subject-9696 are friendly creatures, burning around 1100 degrees celcius, they have been known for asexual reproduction, they wont try to murder, they have been tested with taking down 650, causing alpha-3 to die

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